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Hobie is becoming more comfortable in his surroundings and with us. He spent most of yesterday napping with a blanket on the futon, soaking in the warm morning light.

A neighbor knocked on the door, and as expected, he went bezerk. My neighbor asked something about quarters, to which I responded no, but I honestly had no clue what he was talking about since I could barely hear him. It wasn't until after he left that I was able to process what he was saying. He needed change for quarters for the laundry. So I went downstairs to give him change, and Hobie barked the entire time I was gone!

Later in the afternoon, there was an unusual amount of traffic on our street. I witnessed car after car backtracking as they tried finding an outlet. I called the police to find out that there was a fire a few blocks down. Hobie and I went to investigate.

On our way there, a really large dog, perhaps a mastiff, startled the both of us. He was leaving the house with his owner for a walk. Hobie growled then started jumping on me. I think this is a sign when he is scared. Anyway, we continued on and met a family of three with their dog. He was very friendly with the girl dog, only sniffing and no barking. A fluffy white dog came and joined the smelling and they were having a nice time! Hobie is becoming more accustomed to being with other dogs.

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