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Hobie was groomed today. As he was getting out of the car, he somehow got pass me and ran around the parking lot! I must have looked so silly chasing after him, but we were near a busy street and I was afraid he was going to run out there. It was like chasing a chicken around, but I caught him without incident.

He looks like a brand new dog. I probably would not have recognized him at the groomer without his red collar on. His coat is beautiful but now he looks skinny. I like his messy, longer coat instead. It makes him look more husky.We went for a walk on the lakefront. I was not sure how he would react to the sand, but he did not have any troubles. We also went for a walk around NU to wait for Kris, but he ended up working late, and Hobie and I ended up with an hour and forty minutes walk! Suffice to say, we are both tired.

Hobie loves dried bread as a treat, and Kris has been teaching him, "Vaersegod," which is Norwegian for
"You may." We are trying to get Hobie to look at us before eating his treat, thus teaching him patience and waiting for his master for the OK. We are trying to teach him to lay down as well.

To the kids at YEP, Hobie says hi!

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