10 cents for a bag?!?!

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When we first got Hobie, he would poop about three times during his morning walk. I dreaded picking up after him but I knew I could not leave it in the snow. Since then, he has become more regular and I usually need only one bag with me.

After he had done his deed the other morning, we started heading back home. Well, he decided to poop one more time, at the tree at the Geary bus stop, where people were waiting for the commute bus. I felt embarassed to leave it there but I did not have a choice; I did not have a bag. So being the responsible pet owner I am, I headed to the nearest convenience store and explained to the person behind the counter at what happened, and asked for a bag.

"10 cents," he said.

"What?!" I shockingly asked. "I don't have any money."

"I have to pay for these too. You should be prepared and have bags with you," he shot back.

I told him fine, that I would leave the poop on the sidewalk for someone to step in. As I turned to walk out, he called me back and gave me a bag.

What a jerk. I see kids littering those same plastic bags all the time. I'm just trying to help keep our little neighborhood clean, since there are a number of people who could care less about what their dog goes. It is disgusting the amount of poop that we have to walk by every morning on Fillmore.

Hobie was waiting patiently outside the store, sitting nicely while tied up to a meter. We went back and cleaned up his poop. It made me feel good that I am a responsible citizen.

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