Dog in da hood

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Our neighborhood is full of interesting people. On our way to one of the dog parks, we have to walk by a few public housing buildings. It is not uncommon to see groups of thuggish-looking teens sitting on the stoop with fistfuls of cash in their hands. And when I walk by, I am always very cautious and aware of who is around me.

Apprantly, so are they. They recognize the spinning that is Hobie and they laugh when they see him do his thing. This comforts me a little, knowing that these hard-core kids can still smile at a silly dog. At least they recognize us living in the neighborhood. A few weeks ago, we were passing this group of teens. One of them said, "Yo, that's the dog that busts circles." It made me smile.

A few days ago, an old man stopped to ask why he circles. We see him twice a week in the mornings and this was the first time he stopped to chat. After, he thanked me for talking to him. Hobie is in need of a haircut,
but his furriness adds to his stuffed-animal look, which elicits so many smiles from so many strangers.

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