Happy Birthday, Hobie!

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Dear Hobermeyer,

You are six-years-old today. Hooray!

You have the spunkiness of a puppy. You always need to sniff each and every tree on our morning walks, even though you smelled them the previous morning You don't always listen and come when called; that's why your foot pads are scratched up.

And you have the grumpines of an old man. We don't like that you growl at us in the evening when we pet you. But you are probably trying to tell us that you just want to be left alone. Sometimes I cannot help but bother you, especially when you look like a stuffed animal. Cuteness does have its price.

Yesterday, you discovered the joy of baseball. Although you did not appreciate being tied to a tree while Kris and I were hitting and fielding pitches, you did eventually quiet down. At the end of the game, you put on a show by running full speed into the outfield chasing balls. You are a natural outfielder.

Your cake is baking and I am sure you cannot wait to devour it. You are a great little doggie, Hobie, and it is so much fun having you in our lives.

Happy birthday, buddy!

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