Clamavox = sick Hobie

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Hobie had a growth with what looked like puss on one of his legs, so we took him to the vet. The vet opened it up, and hoped it would drain. Hobie also got Clamavox, an antibiotic.

(This happened after he started limping shortly after Thanksgiving. The limping stopped, but he got a growth.)

Well, after two days, Hobie refused to eat, and started vomitting. One day we got back from work, there were little puddles of vommit 4-5 places around the apartment. All on carpet, of course. Hobie didn't eat at all for three days.

We switched him to a different antibiotic, Zenequin, and that was much better.

The growth didn't go away, so we took Hobie to a different vet. After no change for about a week, the vet decided to probe it surgically.

Hobie was under general anasthesia, so we thought he might be a little doozy when picking him up. No suck luck - he was his usual spinny self.

The vet said he found a partial foxtail in there.

Nevertheless, it appears that he is doing well. His leg doesn't hurt, and he's still very active.

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