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New blinking light

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Hobie had a red blinking light before. It's very helpful when we're in the park and it's a little dark. Well, that light broke. It probably bounced off something, because it was a little loose.

We got a new one, that is basically two small LEDs that blink green and purple (we got it at B&B Pet Supplies of course). We played in the baseball field tonight, and it was very nice to be able to see him race around.

When we play at dusk, it's sometimes hard for Hobie to see the ball. When he can't find it he gets very excited and runs around the field in some crazy pattern until he finds it. There's no use trying to call him, he's really in the zone.

Does he ever get tired?

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We went to play catch with Hobie in a nearby park again today.

For about 30 minutes, we threw a baseball back and forth, and Hobie raced non-stop between Gladys and me.

Every once in a while, we'll not catch the ball, and Hobie sprints all he can toward the ball. He then brings it back to our feet, with his little tail wagging fast.

I don't know where he gets the energy. He does sleep a lot when we get home after a session like that, but he can keep running for (or at least so it seems) hour upon hour.

Being small has its challenges

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Today Hobie went to get a rabies booster shot. While we were waiting in line, a woman exclaimed to Gladys that a dog was peeing on Hobie. We didn't see which dog, but we suspect an ugly-looking misbehaving dog
behind us. The owners didn't say anything, and I had to go get paper towels and wipe pee off his left rear leg.

Not fun.

He did take his booster shot and other vaccinations (3 total) like a big boy, though. Not a whimper.

New toy

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One of his favorite toys finally broke. It's a little yellow thing that makes a screaming sound when hit against something. It's very annoying.

Initially, Hobie would freak out and start whining while trying to make this weird thing shut up.

Eventually, he just got to really like playing with it.

Well, my work got a bunch of them for some promotion, so I just brought another one home. It's much louder than the broken one, and Hobie went nuts.

He's been bringing it to our feet all night, wanting us to play with him.

Stuffed-dog look

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Some days, he looks like a stuffed animal. Hobie catches the last rays at Golden Gate Park.

stuffed dog

Loner dog

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Some days we think that the company of another dog would be good for Hobie.

Other days we think that Hobie wouldn't like another dog, because he seems to be such a loner dog. At the park, he usually doesn't really want to play with the other dogs. All he wants to do is play catch with his toys.

It's almost baseball season again!

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The weather was really nice this weekend, so we took Hobie to a nearby park and played a little catch. Well, it's actually Gladys and me playing catch, and Hobie racing back and forth between us.

Whenever one of us "misses" and the ball drops to the ground the salt & pepper speed-racer in not far away.

We tried to let him have his own ball, but it's just no fun to play with another ball when we're throwing something else around.

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