Working dog

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Hobie came with me to work today.

He must recognize the area around the building I work in, because when we were about half a block away he started to get excited and spin in circles. One woman got a little worried because it looked like he was walking right at her. When we got to the building door he was pulling fairly hard to get in.

He even whined a little bit in the elevator.

I take his collar off when we're at work, because it jingles (he has two metal tags, one for his license, and one with his name and phone number). I fed him and got him water, but he started pacing around the office.

Turns out he was looking for a toy we have there - a yellow screaming thingy. It's a yellow thing that makes an annoying screaming thing if you throw it. By the end of the day he had collected three of those.

My co-worker brought her dogs also, a whippet and a greyhound.

Hobie got so much play-time. A few of my co-workers enjoy playing with him, and get very happy if he brings the toy back to them instead of me (which is usually what happens). One of my female co-workers desperately wants to pet Hobie, but whenever she gets close he kind of freezes and isn't really sure what's going on. That's usually followed by a little growl.

Overall. though, I think Hobie had a great time. He did seem a little tired walking home, but by the time we got home (and he got fed) he's back to his usual hyperactive self.

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