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Charlie is a friendly 100-pound Rottweiler.

Just as with Rudolf, Hobie has never met Charlie, but we think that they would get along.

He is about 2 years old, and he has one passion in life: food.

And no, dog food does not count. Human food is good, and human food with sauce is better. I guess you might say that Charlie is a little bit spoiled.

Charlie also loves playing with this toys, and he's very gentle. I was playing with Charlie last summer when we visited my dad (Charlie is my dad's dog). The most fun Charlie had was probably when he got ahold of one of my socks. He quickly realized I wanted the sock back, so he immediately ran around. I tried to be coy and pretend I didn't want it, but the dog outsmarted me and ran down to a small grassy area, where he sometimes does his business (and I didn't want to walk barefeet down there).

Playing with a big dog is very different from playing with a small dog. When we play with Hobie we don't mind if his teeth sometimes touch our hands, or if he sometimes get a little excited when eating a treat out of our hand. With Charlie, however, none of that is allowed, because he's so big. There's practically no neck, and my arms would barely fit around his chest.

He's very friendly, though. Just look at this picture.


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