Do I look like a fire hydrant?

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We took Hobie to Mountain Lake Park today. There's a great dog run area there. We sat down and spoke with an older woman who also has a Schnauzer. Here's her dog:


When we sat down, about 5-6 dogs came over to us, all wanting to smell us and say hello. I got lots of dog slobber on my jeans, including some that smelled like vommit.

Hobie says hi to a pug:

Maybe that's gross enough, but then I notice the other Schnauzer walking around my leg in a suspicious manner. Then he lifts his leg and pees on me!

I moved my leg, and didn't quite know what to do. I said out loud that the dog just peed on me, but nobody really reacted. Both Gladys and the people next to me noticed, and just kind of shrugged. OK, I guess those things happen.

Well, within a few minutes, another dog tried peeing on me, too. I guess I now smelled like a good spot to mark. Apparently, I got peed on two or three times as we were sitting there.

Great. Now I know what a fire hydrant feels like.

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