Hobie learns to beg

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Hobie has started to beg a little bit over the last couple of months.

If I chop something in the kitchen, he usually runs over to see what's going on. He doesn't beg when we eat, and if he tries, we just send him away.

He doesn't beg nearly as much as Rudolf, but the interesting thing is that he has gotten a lot more affectionate. He doesn't growl nearly as much when we try to pet him, and a few times he's even fallen asleep while Gladys has been giving him a bellyrub.

While I don't like that he begs, I do like that he clearly wants something from us. Maybe he sees us as more than just ball-throwing machines now. :)


When you come to my houes on 4 for July can you bring Hobie with you Thank you , and I'm looking forword to be seeing you.

Thank you.

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