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Ears go flop

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After Hobie's last haircut, we went exploring Glen Canyon park. It's a beautiful canyon park tucked away behind Twin Peaks. Hobie had a few obstacles to run through, including jumping over some fallen logs. Watch his ears flop!

Lucky dog

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Hobie's dog walker has taken him out weekly for almost two months now.

It seems to be going great, and she says he's doing much better. He barks a little more than usual when we get in the door after work, but apart from that he seems to have adjusted well.

Hobie has gotten a lot calmer over the last month or two. He will now even lay down on a lap on the sofa. That was unheard just a few months ago. Now he'll sometimes fall asleep on my lap.

His interest in food keeps picking up, and he is very, very interested when there's sounds coming from the kitchen. He doesn't really beg, at least not like my mom's dog, Rudolf.

Tomorrow, Hobie's going to work again. My company's move keep getting pushed back, which is fine by me.

My company is moving.

Right now we're the only tenant in a small office building near Union Square. Soon, we'll be one of many tenants in the middle of the financial district. The new building doesn't allow dogs.

It's very nice to be able to bring Hobie to work. I don't bring him every day, but it's very nice to bring him every once in a while. My coworkers seems to enjoy having him here. I suspect he gets fed a lot, because he has started laying in front of two of my coworkers, waiting for food.

He was even more interested in a cherry tomato than his ball earlier today!

It's good for Hobie to come here too, he is slowly getting used to the people here, and he even put his head on the thigh of a coworker today (hoping to get some play action, of course).

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