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Playing with a view

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A while ago we took Hobie to play at Crissy Field. His little football is one of his favorite toys.


When he first got the ball, it took him a while to figure out how to get it in his mouth, since it's pretty big. When Hobie plays with a toy that is just a little bit too large to bite around, he'll get frustrated and whine while pushing it around. It's pretty funny.

First encounter with a kitten

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There is a fairly large courtyard in our building. It's divided into green spaces that are designed for residents' use and an enclosed, official dog area. Of course, many of the dog owners in the building turned the entire area into a dog run. Dogs do their business pretty much anywhere, and I cringe when I see kids playing football, rolling around on the grass. Eww.

Anyway, Hobie and I were walking through the courtyard last night when we spied a kitten. It froze on a ledge when it saw us. Since it was quite dark, Hobie didn't immediately realize what I was looking at. He seemed quite interested when he finally saw the kitten, standing with his front paws on the handrailing to get a better grip and view. I don't think he minded the kitten, and neither made any attempt to snarl/fight/attack.

Maybe Hobie would like a playmate...

Why won't they play with me?

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Hobie was pretty playful this morning. However, he had just played fetch at Alamo Square, so he was a little tired. He still wanted to play with us, but we were cleaning up in the kitchen.

After a minute or two, his head started bopping up and down, and he laid down and started falling asleep next to his ball.

Hobie almost sleeping

Hobie and the bird

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Hobie just loves this bird:
blue toy

This is still one of his favorite toys, and it's makes a really annoying sound. Lucky us.

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