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Fun at Fort Funston

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The dog walker has been taking Hobie to the beach almost every week. Hobie seems tired, but happy after going to the beach. Of course, it's not always that much fun to realize that a dirty, sandy dog has been sleeping on top of your bed.

Today's note from the dog walker:

Lots of fun at Fort Funston

Notes from the dog walker, part 2

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Today's note:

We had lots of fun @ the park. He's really getting much better w/ other dogs.

I guess he's not a rain dog

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I got home early today, and was going to walk Hobie. However, it has now started to rain outside.

As soon as we got down to the lobby of the building, Hobie stopped. I convinced him to walk outside, but he stopped again right outside the door. He would barely walk over to a tree, but he didn't even sniff it. An old lady in a wheelchair passed by us, and commented:

I guess he's not a rain dog

That's very true. Hobie is definitely not a rain dog. I eventually got him to go pee, but he was very quick to go back inside. I think this might be a tough winter for this Miniature Schnauzer.

Notes from the dog walker

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I'm going to start posting the notes we get from the dog walker. This is what we got today:

Hobie did great today @ the park. He's doing really well w/ other dogs.

Better social skills

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Hobie's dog social skills aren't that good. Sometimes he'll growl a little bit at other dogs, and he's usually not the least excited to meet strangers. He did growl at us for around a year until he finally succumbed.

Something bad probably happened to him before we adopted him, but he's slowly getting over it.

We asked the dog walker how he is with other dogs, and today we get this message:

We had lots of fun @ Fort Funston. He's actually chasing other dogs. I think his social dog 2 dog skills are improving.

It's great that Hobie is doing better. At the park he will usually just circle around us until we take out a ball. If we didn't bring a ball, he'll sometimes sniff another dog a little bit, but he'll usually just sit down in front of us and beg for a ball.

Sniffing dogs is not the only thing he's too excited to do if he knows there is a ball around... We have resorted to trying to fool him into thinking we didn't bring a toy. We'll trick him into running after something, or going somewhere else in the apartment while we quickly stuff a toy in a bag.

His social skills are improving though, and he's much friendlier now to strangers than he used to be. He even let a little kid pet him the other day (normally he'll hide behind me if a kid approaches).

The Kong revisited

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Hobie wasn't exactly thrilled when he got a new Kong. He didn't show much interest, even when it was filled with the peanut butter-in-a-can-stuff. We tried again this weekend, this time filling the Kong with banana. Turns out he really likes banana. Success!

The dog chomping away

One happy dog

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