Bumps that make you go hmm...

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Last month, Kris' mom found a bump on Hobie's back. Since we were still in France, she thought it best to wait until we returned for us to take Hobie for a further examination at the vet. We brushed it aside, figuring it was just another fat bump that we've seen before. Nothing to worry about.

When we got back, we excitedly played with Hobie, and sure enough we found the small bumps on his back. They appeared to be more numerous than last year and some had grown a bit larger. He had also just gotten a hair cut, which perhaps led them to appear more larger than normal. But apparently, this wasn't it. Kris' mom squeezed Hobie's side and pointed out to something.

What we found there was quite frightening. It was a golf-ball sized lump. Shit, I immediately thought, what if it's a tumor? I felt really sad as I jumped to the worst possible conclusions about my dog.

We scored an appointment with the vet for the next day. During the examination, the vet explained that the bumps on his back were similar to old-man warts, which made sense as Hobie will be turning nine this year. She got to the lump and squeezed it. She diagnosed it was likely nothing more than a big lump of fat. I felt a huge wave of relief wash over me.

We were given two choices: perform a biopsy or remove it all together. We decided on the latter and Hobie the dog was scheduled for surgery later the same day. The procedure went smoothly and nothing else was found. Hobie was pretty upset with us when we picked him up and barely even looked at us. We were relieved he was ok.

And we couldn't help but feel sorry for him with his new see-through cone:



Poor guy...glad that he's ok!

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