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Hobie's new girlfriend

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It was love, er, bark at first sight. We went to visit my friend Kat and her new dog, Bella. She spotted us from her perch at the window and Hobie greeted her with a round of woofs at her door. Bella followed Hobie around the house, got close enough to sniff, but she knew better than to engage him in play. Hobie in turn growled at her and stole her football. They tolerated each other but preferred their people instead.

When it was time for us to leave for dinner, they whined and barked together. And when we returned home, we found them both asleep on the couch, though at opposite ends. And when it was time to say goodbye, they somehow ended up laying next to each other and we snapped away with the photos. That's Tokai in the middle, keeping an eye on Hobie and Bella. Not pictured is Milo, aka Jaba the Hut, who is the biggest cat I have ever seen - almost weighs as much as Hobie!

The left coast schanuzer

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half moon bay miniature schauzer.jpg

Ah, back on the beach again in Half Moon Bay. Life is good.

Schanuzer in transit

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hobie conveyor belt .jpg

That's Hobie there emerging from the belly of the plane in Frankfurt to connect to our flight back home. When we finally met up again in San Francisco, he was understandably crying and whining, which drew such sympathetic looks from other passengers as we waited for our bags. Hobie emerged before my bags, a first for us. Kudos to the ground crew at United!

This miniature schnauzer has had his share of flying. Too bad Hobie can't earn frequent flier miles too.

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