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Happy Halloween!

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We missed this year's dog parade but here's a few from last year. Hobie was a pirate. Arrrr!

Hobie and Pupto Bismol



A new doggie bed?

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After we rescued Hobie, he slept in his crate. We figured that while he was adjusting to us, it was good for him to have something familiar where he could feel safe and retreat to when he got tired of us smothering him with hugs. A couple of months went by and it was time to upgrade him to a doggie bed. We found a suitable oval bed at the local pet store. There was nothing special about it - plain, simple, functional. The removable cover is starting to lose its shape, giving me a perfect excuse to start looking for a new one.

I saw these Bowser bed's and really liked the design. The donut design would be perfect for Hobie, as he loves to curl up against something when he sleeps - be it a wall or a chair leg.


Are there any doggie beds that you like and would recommend?

Walking through Hayes Valley

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Chillin by the Golden Gateway, an art installation by Oakland artist Seyed Alavi:


Waiting to cross Ivy St.

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