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An ideal summer day

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long walk + nonstop fetch + swimming = tired but happy Hobie

How to clean with a miniature schnauzer

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Hobie does not approve of Kris' floor cleaning methods

Introducing Philip

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This little guy is Hobie's new cousin! Philip is the new schnauzer puppy that belongs to Kris' sister. He's three months old and weighs a hefty 4kg. He's super sweet but super difficult to walk with on a leash. He stops frequently and Hobie tries to pull him along.

Hobie isn't a fan of Philip's boundless energy and Hobie quickly established that he's top dog around here with a few snarls. Philip learned pretty fast to not try and play with Hobie's beard. Though he complains, I think Hobie will miss him when we go back to Helsinki.

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