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Pug Sunday


Hobie went to Pug Sunday in Alta Plaza Park today.

It was a little chilly, but there were still around 20 pugs in attendance. There were pugs of all shapes and sizes, from tiny pups to one that looked a lot like Jabba the Hut.

A few pugs wore clothing. One fashion-conscious pug simply wore an LV collar, while the pair in the picture donned SF Giants jerseys.

Pugs in SF Giants costumes play at Pug Sunday

Hobie trotted around a little bit to check out the other dogs, but he didn't really care too much for them. In fact, he decided to just sit down and look at us.

Hobie does not want to play with the other pugs on Pug Sunday

There were more people than dogs at Pug Sunday, and several people brought blankets and just sat on the grass waiting for playful pugs to approach.

Alta Plaza


Yesterday, we took Hobie to Alta Plaza Park. It's about a 15-minute walk away from our apartment, and the views are great. I think only part of the park is supposed to be an off-leash area, but dogs run around happily throughout the park. There's also a dog watering hole near the tennis courts.

On our way there we picked up some croissants at Le Boulangerie on Pine Street. There's usually a few dogs waiting (patiently) for their owners outside.

Hobie waits outside a bakery

Once up at the park, Hobie ran around while we had breakfast. The hill behind Hobie is USF's Lone Mountain campus.

Hobie at Alta Plaza park

There are a lot of small dogs at this park, at least when compared to Alamo Square.

New friends


On our way to Pug Sunday, Hobie made new friends wit Lou and Tinkerbell.

Hobie meets Tinkerbell


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