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The doorbell is pretty much all we use our landline for, apart from the occasional telemarketer, so when Hobie figured out that someone usually came to visit when the phone rang, we weren't too excited about his new skill.

I got the bright idea to train Hobie to not get all stressed when the phone rang. Of course, it only took a few trials before he was on to me, and even if the phone rang just once, Hobie would start barking and run around the apartment. Great...

The next day I tried again, this time not getting up to pretend to answer the phone. Just letting it ring, and pretending it was nothing seems to help. If I get up, however, and Hobie thinks I'm preparing for something, all bets are off.

The funny thing is that when we try to calm him down or distract him with toys, he'll briefly chase the toy, pick it up for a few seconds, but keep barking with the toy in his mouth.

Guard dog part 2


I went home during lunch so I could be here when the dog walker came. I told her to just let herself in.

Well, she did, and Hobie ran over to the door to check out who was coming. Then he noticed that it wasn't someone he's used to, and he started barking. Loud. Nonstop. He was about two feet from the door, and he would not let her in. I had to distract him with a ball, which took several long seconds.

Hobie quieted down, barked a little when she took him out of the apartment, but it seemed to go pretty well.

The dog walker told us Hobie didn't really want to get in her car, and that he had been waiting at the park gate for most of the play time. The following week she picked him up alone, and apparently it went much better this time, which I'm very happy about.

Now I know what the maintenance guys must have gone through when they came in here by themselves. Poor people. It's a little funny that Hobie thinks he's such a guard dog, but it is not always practical.

Maintenance guys vs. Hobie part 2


The maintenance guys had to stop by again, because the toilet they installed was leaking. When Hobie heard the knock on the door, he went nuts and was barking his head off.

I opened the door, told the guy to wait a minute, and said "NO" to Hobie. He quieted down, and I told him to go to bed, and he went away. He kept on growling. The guy didn't seem to scared, and I got Hobie to be quiet , so it went OK.

Hobie kept near me while the toilet was being replaced, and seemed very happy when the "visitor" had left.

Maintenance guys vs. Hobie


Our toilet was replaced today and our leaky roof patched, which required several maintenance guys moving about the apartment. This proved too stressful for Hobie and he went into super barky mode.

The poor maintenance guys were frightened and they were even hesistant coming inside as he ran laps around the kitchen, howling the entire time. And banishing Hobie to the bedroom didn't help. I let him out and tried distracting him with his toys but it was futile. He growled everytime the maintenance guys moved toward him. The commotion of the day has caught up with the crazy doggie.

He's already in bed, snoring.



It's been three months since Hobie went to the groomer's. Gladys wanted to try a new groomers, so we went to VIP Grooming in Noe Valley.

When Hobie's fur gets long he can get pretty shaggy. This is how he looked late February at a local park.

Sheep dog

Fortunately, he didn't look like that this morning when we took him for his 8 a.m. appointment.

Hobie before

We told the people there that he wasn't very sociable, so they put him in a kennel. There were two or three dogs just walking around there. Hobie got a little worried, so he started barking. He kept barking for several minutes after we left the groomer's, we could hear him a block away.

Anyways, we picked him up, and he looked much better.

Hobie is now groomed!

He was so happy to see us that he could barely stand still. He just kept spinning around and around and around.



Hobie is becoming more comfortable in his surroundings and with us. He spent most of yesterday napping with a blanket on the futon, soaking in the warm morning light.

A neighbor knocked on the door, and as expected, he went bezerk. My neighbor asked something about quarters, to which I responded no, but I honestly had no clue what he was talking about since I could barely hear him. It wasn't until after he left that I was able to process what he was saying. He needed change for quarters for the laundry. So I went downstairs to give him change, and Hobie barked the entire time I was gone!

Later in the afternoon, there was an unusual amount of traffic on our street. I witnessed car after car backtracking as they tried finding an outlet. I called the police to find out that there was a fire a few blocks down. Hobie and I went to investigate.

On our way there, a really large dog, perhaps a mastiff, startled the both of us. He was leaving the house with his owner for a walk. Hobie growled then started jumping on me. I think this is a sign when he is scared. Anyway, we continued on and met a family of three with their dog. He was very friendly with the girl dog, only sniffing and no barking. A fluffy white dog came and joined the smelling and they were having a nice time! Hobie is becoming more accustomed to being with other dogs.


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