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Does he ever get tired?


We went to play catch with Hobie in a nearby park again today.

For about 30 minutes, we threw a baseball back and forth, and Hobie raced non-stop between Gladys and me.

Every once in a while, we'll not catch the ball, and Hobie sprints all he can toward the ball. He then brings it back to our feet, with his little tail wagging fast.

I don't know where he gets the energy. He does sleep a lot when we get home after a session like that, but he can keep running for (or at least so it seems) hour upon hour.

It's almost baseball season again!


The weather was really nice this weekend, so we took Hobie to a nearby park and played a little catch. Well, it's actually Gladys and me playing catch, and Hobie racing back and forth between us.

Whenever one of us "misses" and the ball drops to the ground the salt & pepper speed-racer in not far away.

We tried to let him have his own ball, but it's just no fun to play with another ball when we're throwing something else around.

All-American dog


Now how many dogs do you know love to play football and baseball? Well, if you know Hobie, then you know that he is an All-American. Football is his favorite, though baseball comes in at a close second.

We decided to bring him for Sunday baseball, hoping that he would behave. We had him chase thebaseball for about 20 minutes before game time to tire him out. While he was tied to the bench, everyone played with him. At one point, he jumped at the ball, not realizing the leash length. There was a violent jerking motion, but he was fine. When he wasn't choking himself, he kept spinning in circles, nonstop. After the game, we played a little more catch.

All that constant play came with a price. We were walking from the garage and noticed Hobie limping. It was funny and cute but then we realized it might be something more serious. I examined his foot and sure enough, his left foot pad was cracked and some of it had torn off. It was raw and soft
and he flinched when pressure was applied to the footpad. Hobie is now limping around with a sock bandaid.

He spent of today in recovery; not once did he bring me a ball to throw. He barely made it down two blocks to go do his business this morning. He was lagging behind and I had to constantly coax him to walk.

We'll keep his outdoor activity limited tomorrow as well to let him heal. It would be awful for his footpad to get infected. Until then, the limping continues. Poor Hobermeyer.


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