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Happy 11th birthday!


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It's been quite some time since we've updated, but wanted to share that Hobie turned 11 a few weeks ago! He's slowed down some this year, but he's still the playful, growly schnauzer who's always up for a good game of fetch, especially with his new squeaky football. And while he's been relatively healthy, Hobie made numerous trips to the vet this past year. He no longer has a bladder of steel and we can't leave him alone as long as we used to. So now he just gets more walks.

And he couldn't be happier.

Birthday canoeing



We celebrated Hobie's birthday with some hiking and canoeing out in Vuosaari. Hobie wasn't too thrilled about jumping into the canoe, but once we were out in the water, he seemed a little more comfortable, walking up and down the canoe to check on our progress. As we paddled out further toward open water, the sea became a little more choppy, rocking the canoe ans scaring Hobie. He somehow ended up laying across my lap.

It started raining a little and we headed back a little earlier than expected. We pulled into the dock, and another kayaker mentioned she admired how well-behaved he was. Once he was on deck, Hobie sprinted the full length of the dock to dry ground then sprinted back toward us and somehow ended up back in the water. I think Hobie might've preferred to spend his birthday playing fetch on the grass instead.

His special birthday treat included a big chunk of cheese in his usual organic kibble. He was definitely happy with that.

The big 1-0



Today Hobie turns 10! I think it's fair to say he had a pretty good year. We moved to a new country, and Hobie sniffed out much of the city. The highlights include:

  • moving to a new country

  • attacking a giant snowball

  • ice skating for the first time by pulling around the rink

  • removing an old dog fat lump

  • first sleep over and morning run with Shehani

  • lake swimming during Juhannus

  • canoeing for the first time and panicking

  • learning he's afraid of horses and spending nearly a week with Auntie Denise

  • flying back to Norway to meet Phillip and teaching him how to bark

  • more lake swimming at a mokki

  • riding on buses, trams and trains, now with minimal whining

He's still impatient as ever and still crazy whenever a toy comes out to play. Hobie still loves going for long hikes but now he needs more time to recover. People are always surprised when they learn how old the spinning ball of energy is, and we hope that energy remains for a long time.

Wishing the best schnauzer dog in the world a very happy birthday! Here's to another year filled with new adventures and more cheese!

Birthday boy



Hobie turns 7 years old today!

The now middle-aged dog didn't want a big party, and the celebration took place with his, uhm, roommates. That's probably just as well, because the guest of honor still hasn't made very many dog friends. Playing fetch is still much more important than smelling a rear end.

Right now, the guest of honor is very busy devouring a bone.

During the past year, we have noticed that Hobie has gotten tired a little quicker than before, but it still takes a lot before he gets tired.

Hobie has learned two new tricks this year: bark and heel.

During his seventh year, Hobie will try to be nicer to us, and to walk properly for someone his age. Walking sideways because you want to smell another dog's "stuff" is not appropriate for a middle-aged being. On the other hand, it could be that growing up is very overrated. Hobie sure still behaves a lot like a puppy.

Happy Birthday, Hobie!!

Doggie birthday party


Hobie went to his first doggie birthday party today. He got invited only this morning, so we scrambled to find a gift for the birthday dog, Bebe, a 6-year-old Rottweiler.

The party was at a local park, and there was lots of food, both for four-legged and two-legged party-goers. There were probably more food for the dogs, come to think of it. The birthday girl was very popular, and
after a couple of hours she couldn't eat any more and started refusing to eat any more treats.

At the hight of the festivities there were about 25 dogs roaming around, with only a couple of fights (one Basset hound got bitten by a dog that "is not aggressive! really!").

Hobie ran around on a hot San Francisco October day for two hours, pretty much non-stop. He did make a few new friends, and he was quite sociable, to our surprise.

Birthday party for a doggie friend

Happy Birthday, Hobie!


Dear Hobermeyer,

You are six-years-old today. Hooray!

You have the spunkiness of a puppy. You always need to sniff each and every tree on our morning walks, even though you smelled them the previous morning You don't always listen and come when called; that's why your foot pads are scratched up.

And you have the grumpines of an old man. We don't like that you growl at us in the evening when we pet you. But you are probably trying to tell us that you just want to be left alone. Sometimes I cannot help but bother you, especially when you look like a stuffed animal. Cuteness does have its price.

Yesterday, you discovered the joy of baseball. Although you did not appreciate being tied to a tree while Kris and I were hitting and fielding pitches, you did eventually quiet down. At the end of the game, you put on a show by running full speed into the outfield chasing balls. You are a natural outfielder.

Your cake is baking and I am sure you cannot wait to devour it. You are a great little doggie, Hobie, and it is so much fun having you in our lives.

Happy birthday, buddy!


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