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Shiny new boots



Saturday proved to be too much fun for Hobie. A day of fetch and swimming at a Sonoma bbq on the weekend resulted in Hobie tearing his footpads. We didn't notice any bleeding, but they sure looked raw and uncomfortable. A pair of Old Navy baby socks were perfect and fit snugly and protected his paws indoors. We coupled that with a plastic bag and bandage tape to head outside. Not a good solution. We needed something more secure.

We tracked down a pair of Muttluks to keep his feet protected as they heal.

These boots are difficult to find in San Francisco. After calling about 7 pet stores that were open on a Sunday afternoon, only Pawtrero Hill Bathhouse and Feed carried the Muttluks.

The boots were not quite as durable as we thought. Parts of the leather bottoms were torn after 20 minutes of playing fetch in the grass. Hopefully they'll keep the water out when it starts raining.


Hobie's feeling sorry for himself:

The ghetto socks and tape combo, so not fashionable:

Stylin in his new Muttluks. Even the Harley biker at Starbucks agreed:

All-American dog


Now how many dogs do you know love to play football and baseball? Well, if you know Hobie, then you know that he is an All-American. Football is his favorite, though baseball comes in at a close second.

We decided to bring him for Sunday baseball, hoping that he would behave. We had him chase thebaseball for about 20 minutes before game time to tire him out. While he was tied to the bench, everyone played with him. At one point, he jumped at the ball, not realizing the leash length. There was a violent jerking motion, but he was fine. When he wasn't choking himself, he kept spinning in circles, nonstop. After the game, we played a little more catch.

All that constant play came with a price. We were walking from the garage and noticed Hobie limping. It was funny and cute but then we realized it might be something more serious. I examined his foot and sure enough, his left foot pad was cracked and some of it had torn off. It was raw and soft
and he flinched when pressure was applied to the footpad. Hobie is now limping around with a sock bandaid.

He spent of today in recovery; not once did he bring me a ball to throw. He barely made it down two blocks to go do his business this morning. He was lagging behind and I had to constantly coax him to walk.

We'll keep his outdoor activity limited tomorrow as well to let him heal. It would be awful for his footpad to get infected. Until then, the limping continues. Poor Hobermeyer.


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