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Hobie meets friends at Mountain Lake


We took Hobie to Mountain Lake, and we brought his squeaky football.

The ball immediately drew the attention of another dog that was there (the middle one in the first picture). At first the owner seemed a little hesitant, but we told him it was fine that he was interested in the ball.

For a few minutes I would throw the ball, and they would both run as fast as they could to get it. Most of the time Hobie would win the mad dashes.

Hobie and two friends running in a row at Mountain Lake

Another dog also came along. This dog was mostly interested in sniffing the other dogs, though, and just run along because it seemed like something fun to do. Hobie behaved very well, and didn't growl at all at them. He just circled around, and tried to make his way back to us with his ball.

Hobie running side by side two friends at Mountain Lake

Unfortunately, this was one of the last times Hobie got to play with his football. Only a few days later we took him to a bonfire at Ocean Beach. The group we were with took turns throwing his ball, but as we were leaving we couldn't find the ball. Hobie was more than willing to roam around looking for it, but to no avail.

Pictures from playgroup


We knew that the dog walker would take Hobie to the beach. We knew that Hobie's coat was full of sand, and that his collar was a little wet.

However, we didn't know what he actually did, until we got these pictures:



First encounter with a kitten


There is a fairly large courtyard in our building. It's divided into green spaces that are designed for residents' use and an enclosed, official dog area. Of course, many of the dog owners in the building turned the entire area into a dog run. Dogs do their business pretty much anywhere, and I cringe when I see kids playing football, rolling around on the grass. Eww.

Anyway, Hobie and I were walking through the courtyard last night when we spied a kitten. It froze on a ledge when it saw us. Since it was quite dark, Hobie didn't immediately realize what I was looking at. He seemed quite interested when he finally saw the kitten, standing with his front paws on the handrailing to get a better grip and view. I don't think he minded the kitten, and neither made any attempt to snarl/fight/attack.

Maybe Hobie would like a playmate...

Loner dog


Some days we think that the company of another dog would be good for Hobie.

Other days we think that Hobie wouldn't like another dog, because he seems to be such a loner dog. At the park, he usually doesn't really want to play with the other dogs. All he wants to do is play catch with his toys.

Doggie birthday party


Hobie went to his first doggie birthday party today. He got invited only this morning, so we scrambled to find a gift for the birthday dog, Bebe, a 6-year-old Rottweiler.

The party was at a local park, and there was lots of food, both for four-legged and two-legged party-goers. There were probably more food for the dogs, come to think of it. The birthday girl was very popular, and
after a couple of hours she couldn't eat any more and started refusing to eat any more treats.

At the hight of the festivities there were about 25 dogs roaming around, with only a couple of fights (one Basset hound got bitten by a dog that "is not aggressive! really!").

Hobie ran around on a hot San Francisco October day for two hours, pretty much non-stop. He did make a few new friends, and he was quite sociable, to our surprise.

Birthday party for a doggie friend


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