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Pug recall


'07 pugs are being recalled in an unprecedented move by breeders.

In other news, '99 Miniature Schnauzers are still OK, but we'll keep checking the Onion for any updates.

Have purse dog, need name


There's a good number of purse dogs in our neighborhood. The other day I took Hobie down to the play area in the courtyard of the apartment complex. We saw a little Chihuahua who wanted to smell Hobie. Hobie froze up a little bit, and then hesitantly engaged in a little butt-sniffing.

I asked the guy what his dog's name was.


I paused for a second. "From the brand?"


The guy then went on to say something about his girlfriend, but I didn't pay attention. The thought of a small dog being named after Louis Vuitton purses was just too funny.

Hobie joke


I got this from a coworker.

Q: What is Hobie's favorite type of logic?
A: Circular logic


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