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Haircut and vaccinations


Hobie had a busy Saturday. In the morning Gladys dropped him off at Kate's Cat and Dog Salon. He was getting pretty hairy, so it was about time.

The groomers there do a very nice job, but for some reason they never call us to let us know when Hobie is done. Every time Gladys has asked them to give us a call, and this time they even confirmed her phone number. Oh well, what matters is that Hobie gets groomed well.

He started spinning around in his kennel when Gladys came to pick him up. We decided to take him to Golden Gate Park, since we hadn't taken him there in a while.

He got to play a little with one of his favorite toys, and he was very happy to run around.


Playing fetch is serious business, and it's very important to get the ball. Hobie looks quite athletic (and fierce!) when leaping in the air for the ball.


After being in the park for a couple of hours we went to B&B Pet Supplies to get his vaccinations. There is a pretty cheap vaccination clinic there every once in a while, and it cost less than $40 to get his annual shots. Hobie behaved well while waiting in line, and he didn't protest at all when the needle got inserted in his lower back.

It went much better than last year, when a another dog peed on him.

It's time for a haircut


Hobie's fur suddenly grew a lot. Especially now that it's starting to rain more, it's not that much fun with a shaggy dog. Since Hobie gets to play a lot, he also gets dirty a lot, and we have to rinse off his paws almost every time he goes out.


The above picture is from nearby Alamo Square Park. The slightly darker color on the fur around his paws is not an optical illusion - it's dirt. Dirt that gets worked into the carpet, and dirt that gets left on top of our bed (that's where Hobie sleeps during the day).

We want to take him to a new groomer, because the place we've been taking him to, kind of botched the job last time. They managed to cut his ear, so it bled a little bit. Not a lot, but still. His eyebrows were also a little off. All in all, we were a little iffy. The people there were friendly, but that doesn't help much when they actually cause physical harm to Hobie.

We're going to try Kate's Cat and Dog Salon next.



It's been three months since Hobie went to the groomer's. Gladys wanted to try a new groomers, so we went to VIP Grooming in Noe Valley.

When Hobie's fur gets long he can get pretty shaggy. This is how he looked late February at a local park.

Sheep dog

Fortunately, he didn't look like that this morning when we took him for his 8 a.m. appointment.

Hobie before

We told the people there that he wasn't very sociable, so they put him in a kennel. There were two or three dogs just walking around there. Hobie got a little worried, so he started barking. He kept barking for several minutes after we left the groomer's, we could hear him a block away.

Anyways, we picked him up, and he looked much better.

Hobie is now groomed!

He was so happy to see us that he could barely stand still. He just kept spinning around and around and around.



Hobie was groomed today. As he was getting out of the car, he somehow got pass me and ran around the parking lot! I must have looked so silly chasing after him, but we were near a busy street and I was afraid he was going to run out there. It was like chasing a chicken around, but I caught him without incident.

He looks like a brand new dog. I probably would not have recognized him at the groomer without his red collar on. His coat is beautiful but now he looks skinny. I like his messy, longer coat instead. It makes him look more husky.We went for a walk on the lakefront. I was not sure how he would react to the sand, but he did not have any troubles. We also went for a walk around NU to wait for Kris, but he ended up working late, and Hobie and I ended up with an hour and forty minutes walk! Suffice to say, we are both tired.

Hobie loves dried bread as a treat, and Kris has been teaching him, "Vaersegod," which is Norwegian for
"You may." We are trying to get Hobie to look at us before eating his treat, thus teaching him patience and waiting for his master for the OK. We are trying to teach him to lay down as well.

To the kids at YEP, Hobie says hi!

Pre grooming


Hobie and the orange ball.


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