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Scary umbrella


Hobie has been afraid of umbrellas for as long as we've had him.

We thought that maybe his fear had eased up while he was in Norway. Oh, no.

On a walk this morning, it started raining, and we took out an umbrella. Hobie instantly stopped, his tail as far between his legs as it could go (considering it's docked), and he did not want to keep walking.


Eventually, we got him to walk between us, with the umbrella partially covering all of us, but Hobie was an unhappy dog until he noticed the hotel a few steps away. Then he walked as fast as he could to get inside.

We had to hurry up the elevator, because we know that Hobie likes to dry off his back and face on carpet. He enjoys rolling around on his back while wet. While this looks funny, I'm not sure that the other hotel guests would enjoy a dog rolling around on the floor. Not to mention that it's probably not that clean.

Rainy day


Today it was raining hard. Hobie barely wanted to step a foot outside the apartment building this morning. He just sat down and shivered near the door.

Fortunately, the rain stopped for a while around lunchtime, and we got this note from the dog walker:

We didn't mind the weather and had a great time @ Fort Funston!

I guess he's not a rain dog


I got home early today, and was going to walk Hobie. However, it has now started to rain outside.

As soon as we got down to the lobby of the building, Hobie stopped. I convinced him to walk outside, but he stopped again right outside the door. He would barely walk over to a tree, but he didn't even sniff it. An old lady in a wheelchair passed by us, and commented:

I guess he's not a rain dog

That's very true. Hobie is definitely not a rain dog. I eventually got him to go pee, but he was very quick to go back inside. I think this might be a tough winter for this Miniature Schnauzer.

Rain? No, thank you


Hobie came to work with me on Friday. Hobie is warming up to my coworkers, and he's getting lots of attention. After a day with lots of fetching, it was time to walk home. It's about a 30-40 minute walk from work to our apartment.

It had started raining, so I hesitantly put on the coat he got for Christmas (from my coworkers). We left the building, and got about 20 steps away from the door when Hobie just stopped. I had my umbrella up, and Hobie didn't want to talk a single step further. I coaxed him with a treat to walk a little longer, but then it was full stop again.

People were walking by, smiling and pointing at the stubborn dog. One of them even told me with a laugh that "I don't want to walk any further."

Hobie is a little scared of my umbrella, so I put it in my bag, but that didn't help either. After about 5 minutes of me scratching my head, not knowing how to get the dog back, we went back into the building (which he was quite happy to do). I called Gladys, who drove that day, and she was going to pick us up. In order to get picked up, we had to walk to the corner of the block, which was a difficult task. I almost had to drag him.

We finally got in the car, and by this time it was pouring pretty well. Since Gladys and I were going out I wanted to give Hobie the chance to answer any calls of nature. I actually had to lift him out of the car to get him to go out, but he was not interested in relieving himself.

He didn't use to dislike rain this much, but now he just stops and refuses to walk in the rain. Probably funny to look at, but not that fun when you're holding the other end of the leash.


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