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Lap dog


Hobie is slowly becoming more of a lap dog. This shot was taken during a rare moment of relaxation on Gladys' leg.


Sleeping on ottoman


I was doing some work when I noticed Hobie sleeping on an Ikea ottoman we have. I've never seen him on it before, but he looked pretty comfortable on it.

Hobie sleeps on an ottoman

There's not a lot of room for about 28 pounds of Miniature Schnauzer on the ottoman, though. It looks a little cramped.

Bird's eye view of Hobie sleeping on an ottoman

Why won't they play with me?


Hobie was pretty playful this morning. However, he had just played fetch at Alamo Square, so he was a little tired. He still wanted to play with us, but we were cleaning up in the kitchen.

After a minute or two, his head started bopping up and down, and he laid down and started falling asleep next to his ball.

Hobie almost sleeping

The dogs days of summer


Well, summer isn't here yet, but I'm sure he'll be spending many days like this:



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