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Flying disc toy


Hobie got a new toy this weekend, a flying disc toy. We got it at Babies, a very nice pet store in Hayes Valley.


We wanted something frisbee-like since we had to throw away his old frisbee (it was a human model, and a little too hard for his teeth).

At least for now, this toy is even better than frozen chicken broth cubes. It seems pretty sturdy, and has survived a couple of days of heavy use. It doesn't fly as well as a frisbee, but it kind of bounces, which seems like great fun.

When I throw it, Hobie will run as fast as he can, get it, lay down and bite on it for a little while, and then come back. It seems like he things the round center is a ball that is trapped inside the disc, and Hobie is desperately trying to free the ball from captivity.

It gets a little wet after a few throws, but it's not too bad, since most of the saliva will be on the center, and I can throw it using the edges. The little holes seem to inspire a little tug also, although Hobie prefers to carry the toy by its center.

Right now he has dropped it off by Gladys, and his tongue is hanging out of his mouth. It's that fun.

Hobie and the bird


Hobie just loves this bird:
blue toy

This is still one of his favorite toys, and it's makes a really annoying sound. Lucky us.

Screamer heaven!


Hobie came to work today, but out of consideration for my coworkers I didn't give him any of the yellow screamers.

He paced around looking for them after I hid them all, and he got pretty excited when he finally figured out where they were.

Screamer heaven

Yet another toy


We stopped by Pawtrero on our way back from the groomer's. It's a pet store and "bathhouse" in Potrero Hill. It's pretty cool - your dog can run around in there, and the people were friendly.

We were mostly looking for a new collar for Hobie (Gladys wants a Planet Dog collar). We didn't find that, but we did pick up a new toy for Hobie. It's called an IQube,
and it's basically a cube you can put soft balls that squeak in. Hobie enjoys it a lot, except that it only took him a few hours to destroy one of the four balls that came with it.

(Turns out a store nearby us, Puppycat has the collars, but not in the color Gladys wants).

Hobie with his IQube

New toy


One of his favorite toys finally broke. It's a little yellow thing that makes a screaming sound when hit against something. It's very annoying.

Initially, Hobie would freak out and start whining while trying to make this weird thing shut up.

Eventually, he just got to really like playing with it.

Well, my work got a bunch of them for some promotion, so I just brought another one home. It's much louder than the broken one, and Hobie went nuts.

He's been bringing it to our feet all night, wanting us to play with him.


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