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Lucky dog


Hobie's dog walker has taken him out weekly for almost two months now.

It seems to be going great, and she says he's doing much better. He barks a little more than usual when we get in the door after work, but apart from that he seems to have adjusted well.

Hobie has gotten a lot calmer over the last month or two. He will now even lay down on a lap on the sofa. That was unheard just a few months ago. Now he'll sometimes fall asleep on my lap.

His interest in food keeps picking up, and he is very, very interested when there's sounds coming from the kitchen. He doesn't really beg, at least not like my mom's dog, Rudolf.

Tomorrow, Hobie's going to work again. My company's move keep getting pushed back, which is fine by me.

The days of the working dog are numbered


My company is moving.

Right now we're the only tenant in a small office building near Union Square. Soon, we'll be one of many tenants in the middle of the financial district. The new building doesn't allow dogs.

It's very nice to be able to bring Hobie to work. I don't bring him every day, but it's very nice to bring him every once in a while. My coworkers seems to enjoy having him here. I suspect he gets fed a lot, because he has started laying in front of two of my coworkers, waiting for food.

He was even more interested in a cherry tomato than his ball earlier today!

It's good for Hobie to come here too, he is slowly getting used to the people here, and he even put his head on the thigh of a coworker today (hoping to get some play action, of course).

Rain? No, thank you


Hobie came to work with me on Friday. Hobie is warming up to my coworkers, and he's getting lots of attention. After a day with lots of fetching, it was time to walk home. It's about a 30-40 minute walk from work to our apartment.

It had started raining, so I hesitantly put on the coat he got for Christmas (from my coworkers). We left the building, and got about 20 steps away from the door when Hobie just stopped. I had my umbrella up, and Hobie didn't want to talk a single step further. I coaxed him with a treat to walk a little longer, but then it was full stop again.

People were walking by, smiling and pointing at the stubborn dog. One of them even told me with a laugh that "I don't want to walk any further."

Hobie is a little scared of my umbrella, so I put it in my bag, but that didn't help either. After about 5 minutes of me scratching my head, not knowing how to get the dog back, we went back into the building (which he was quite happy to do). I called Gladys, who drove that day, and she was going to pick us up. In order to get picked up, we had to walk to the corner of the block, which was a difficult task. I almost had to drag him.

We finally got in the car, and by this time it was pouring pretty well. Since Gladys and I were going out I wanted to give Hobie the chance to answer any calls of nature. I actually had to lift him out of the car to get him to go out, but he was not interested in relieving himself.

He didn't use to dislike rain this much, but now he just stops and refuses to walk in the rain. Probably funny to look at, but not that fun when you're holding the other end of the leash.

Hobie joke


I got this from a coworker.

Q: What is Hobie's favorite type of logic?
A: Circular logic

Screamer heaven!


Hobie came to work today, but out of consideration for my coworkers I didn't give him any of the yellow screamers.

He paced around looking for them after I hid them all, and he got pretty excited when he finally figured out where they were.

Screamer heaven

You're never alone if you have a dog


I was waiting with Hobie outside a coffee shop while a coworker grabbed some coffee. In just a couple of minutes we had been approached by several people.

One of them petted Hobie, and grabbed his beard (and I didn't hear any growling!), another one took a picure of Hobie and showed me pictures of his schnauzer, and a couple of other people commented on him, or just plain talked to him.

Working dog


Hobie came with me to work today.

He must recognize the area around the building I work in, because when we were about half a block away he started to get excited and spin in circles. One woman got a little worried because it looked like he was walking right at her. When we got to the building door he was pulling fairly hard to get in.

He even whined a little bit in the elevator.

I take his collar off when we're at work, because it jingles (he has two metal tags, one for his license, and one with his name and phone number). I fed him and got him water, but he started pacing around the office.

Turns out he was looking for a toy we have there - a yellow screaming thingy. It's a yellow thing that makes an annoying screaming thing if you throw it. By the end of the day he had collected three of those.

My co-worker brought her dogs also, a whippet and a greyhound.

Hobie got so much play-time. A few of my co-workers enjoy playing with him, and get very happy if he brings the toy back to them instead of me (which is usually what happens). One of my female co-workers desperately wants to pet Hobie, but whenever she gets close he kind of freezes and isn't really sure what's going on. That's usually followed by a little growl.

Overall. though, I think Hobie had a great time. He did seem a little tired walking home, but by the time we got home (and he got fed) he's back to his usual hyperactive self.


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