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Hobie and friends


From the dog walker:

Hobie is doing really great. He's starting to chase other dogs.

It looks like Hobie's social skills are getting better! He has had a couple of rough days up at Alamo Square. Today he had a little bark-out with another dog (I couldn't tell who started), and yesterday he started barking at a whippet we met while walking in the evening. Sometimes when we meet other dogs Hobie will just stop, and wait for the other dog to approach him. He seems a little tense, and only smells the other dog after the dog has smelled him.

However, several times now he's been excited to meet other dogs, and his little tail wags while running up to smell some dog butt.

We got these pictures from the dog walker. It looks like they are taken from a sunny day at Fort Funston. Hobie's playgroup friends look pretty big!

See all that sand in his beard? That sand ends up in our apartment.


The dog walker takes Hobie to the park


From the dog walker:

We had a great time at the park.

Great time at Fort Funston


From the dog walker:

We spent a great time at Fort Funston today.

Playgroup at the park


From the dog walker:

Hobie did great today at the park.

I think the dog walker takes Hobie to the beach at least once a week. Lucky dog. We're pretty happy when he doesn't go to the beach too, since he's not as dirty.

Playgroup at Fort Funston


From the dog walker:

Another beautiful day at Fort Funston.

We can feel it on Hobie's fur when he has been to Fort Funston. When we pet his back we can feel a little bit of sand still left. He seems very happy when he has been to the beach, though. I guess it's more tiring than just going to the park.

Another day at the beach


From the dog walker:

Hobie a a fun playgroup day at the beach.

Today was another rainy day. This morning, Hobie saw people at the park with umbrellas, and his tail went between his legs. It's bizarre how scared he is of umbrellas now.

Rainy day


Today it was raining hard. Hobie barely wanted to step a foot outside the apartment building this morning. He just sat down and shivered near the door.

Fortunately, the rain stopped for a while around lunchtime, and we got this note from the dog walker:

We didn't mind the weather and had a great time @ Fort Funston!

Pictures from playgroup


We knew that the dog walker would take Hobie to the beach. We knew that Hobie's coat was full of sand, and that his collar was a little wet.

However, we didn't know what he actually did, until we got these pictures:



Fun at Fort Funston


The dog walker has been taking Hobie to the beach almost every week. Hobie seems tired, but happy after going to the beach. Of course, it's not always that much fun to realize that a dirty, sandy dog has been sleeping on top of your bed.

Today's note from the dog walker:

Lots of fun at Fort Funston

Notes from the dog walker, part 2


Today's note:

We had lots of fun @ the park. He's really getting much better w/ other dogs.

Notes from the dog walker


I'm going to start posting the notes we get from the dog walker. This is what we got today:

Hobie did great today @ the park. He's doing really well w/ other dogs.

Better social skills


Hobie's dog social skills aren't that good. Sometimes he'll growl a little bit at other dogs, and he's usually not the least excited to meet strangers. He did growl at us for around a year until he finally succumbed.

Something bad probably happened to him before we adopted him, but he's slowly getting over it.

We asked the dog walker how he is with other dogs, and today we get this message:

We had lots of fun @ Fort Funston. He's actually chasing other dogs. I think his social dog 2 dog skills are improving.

It's great that Hobie is doing better. At the park he will usually just circle around us until we take out a ball. If we didn't bring a ball, he'll sometimes sniff another dog a little bit, but he'll usually just sit down in front of us and beg for a ball.

Sniffing dogs is not the only thing he's too excited to do if he knows there is a ball around... We have resorted to trying to fool him into thinking we didn't bring a toy. We'll trick him into running after something, or going somewhere else in the apartment while we quickly stuff a toy in a bag.

His social skills are improving though, and he's much friendlier now to strangers than he used to be. He even let a little kid pet him the other day (normally he'll hide behind me if a kid approaches).

New dog walker


Hobie has a new dog walker.

Hobie's previous dog walker seemed good with Hobie, but not so good with us. We mailed her a month ahead of time that we'd be going on vacation. While we're gone, Gladys' brother who was dog-sitting left Hobie in our apartment for an afternoon. When he gets back, Hobie is gone.

Not surprisingly, he gets a little freaked out. Fortunately, the dog walker returns a couple of hours later, saying she didn't get the message. OK, fine. Spamfilters suck.

Then, the next week, another guy shows up at the door. Apparently, our dog walker is now on vacation, and her subsitute is ready to take Hobie for a walk. I guess she forgot to both tell us that she has a vacation replacement, and to tell him that Hobie is still on vacation.

When we get back, we try to get ahold of her, but she never picks up Hobie on his regular day. We decide that we've had enough, and tell the dog walker company that we'd like a new dog walker.

The new guy seems good. It's a guy, and Hobie seems to get along better with guys than girls, for some reason. It's the same person who took over for our old dog walker when she was on vacation, so he's already seen Hobie.

Hopefully this will last longer than a few months.

Lucky dog


Hobie's dog walker has taken him out weekly for almost two months now.

It seems to be going great, and she says he's doing much better. He barks a little more than usual when we get in the door after work, but apart from that he seems to have adjusted well.

Hobie has gotten a lot calmer over the last month or two. He will now even lay down on a lap on the sofa. That was unheard just a few months ago. Now he'll sometimes fall asleep on my lap.

His interest in food keeps picking up, and he is very, very interested when there's sounds coming from the kitchen. He doesn't really beg, at least not like my mom's dog, Rudolf.

Tomorrow, Hobie's going to work again. My company's move keep getting pushed back, which is fine by me.

Guard dog part 2


I went home during lunch so I could be here when the dog walker came. I told her to just let herself in.

Well, she did, and Hobie ran over to the door to check out who was coming. Then he noticed that it wasn't someone he's used to, and he started barking. Loud. Nonstop. He was about two feet from the door, and he would not let her in. I had to distract him with a ball, which took several long seconds.

Hobie quieted down, barked a little when she took him out of the apartment, but it seemed to go pretty well.

The dog walker told us Hobie didn't really want to get in her car, and that he had been waiting at the park gate for most of the play time. The following week she picked him up alone, and apparently it went much better this time, which I'm very happy about.

Now I know what the maintenance guys must have gone through when they came in here by themselves. Poor people. It's a little funny that Hobie thinks he's such a guard dog, but it is not always practical.

Guard dog


After interviewing a dog walker over the weekend, we were pretty excited at the prospect that Hobie would get midday walks and social interaction. He was scheduled to be picked up in the afternoon. As I was heading home from work, I received a voicemail from the dog walker. Apparantly, Hobie was nervous when she came by to pick him up and barked incessently. She decided it was best that she leave him at home instead. It must have been quite a stressful experience for both of them.

Sigh. We'll try again next week.


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