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Pug Sunday


Hobie went to Pug Sunday in Alta Plaza Park today.

It was a little chilly, but there were still around 20 pugs in attendance. There were pugs of all shapes and sizes, from tiny pups to one that looked a lot like Jabba the Hut.

A few pugs wore clothing. One fashion-conscious pug simply wore an LV collar, while the pair in the picture donned SF Giants jerseys.

Pugs in SF Giants costumes play at Pug Sunday

Hobie trotted around a little bit to check out the other dogs, but he didn't really care too much for them. In fact, he decided to just sit down and look at us.

Hobie does not want to play with the other pugs on Pug Sunday

There were more people than dogs at Pug Sunday, and several people brought blankets and just sat on the grass waiting for playful pugs to approach.

Pictures from playgroup


We knew that the dog walker would take Hobie to the beach. We knew that Hobie's coat was full of sand, and that his collar was a little wet.

However, we didn't know what he actually did, until we got these pictures:



Better social skills


Hobie's dog social skills aren't that good. Sometimes he'll growl a little bit at other dogs, and he's usually not the least excited to meet strangers. He did growl at us for around a year until he finally succumbed.

Something bad probably happened to him before we adopted him, but he's slowly getting over it.

We asked the dog walker how he is with other dogs, and today we get this message:

We had lots of fun @ Fort Funston. He's actually chasing other dogs. I think his social dog 2 dog skills are improving.

It's great that Hobie is doing better. At the park he will usually just circle around us until we take out a ball. If we didn't bring a ball, he'll sometimes sniff another dog a little bit, but he'll usually just sit down in front of us and beg for a ball.

Sniffing dogs is not the only thing he's too excited to do if he knows there is a ball around... We have resorted to trying to fool him into thinking we didn't bring a toy. We'll trick him into running after something, or going somewhere else in the apartment while we quickly stuff a toy in a bag.

His social skills are improving though, and he's much friendlier now to strangers than he used to be. He even let a little kid pet him the other day (normally he'll hide behind me if a kid approaches).

Pug attack


Hobie and I were on our way back from walking to Alamo Square this morning when we saw a pack of pugs down the street.

One woman had four of them, all running around lose on the sidewalk, and she was talking to another dog owner (who just had one, slightly larger dog). The pugs were mostly doing their own thing, walking around, smelling trees, and just enjoying life.

We walk toward them, and the pug closest to us saw Hobie and started trotting toward us. Hobie has been getting a little skittish when meeting some dogs, so he stopped and waited for the other dog to come. They did a little butt-sniffing dance, and then Hobie walked on.

Now the second pug sees us, and he runs toward Hobie to smell. We get past this obstacle too.

By now I feel like I'm in some game, with the pugs being little bosses that Hobie has to get past. Of course, next up is a third pug and the larger dog. It was a mutt, around Hobie's size, and they sniff him up front and back at the same time. Hobie's not quite sure how excited he is, but he takes it like a real dog.

The fourth pug is hiding behind its owner.

I exchange smiles with the other dog owners, and Hobie is ready to go.

Game over.



Hobie is becoming more comfortable in his surroundings and with us. He spent most of yesterday napping with a blanket on the futon, soaking in the warm morning light.

A neighbor knocked on the door, and as expected, he went bezerk. My neighbor asked something about quarters, to which I responded no, but I honestly had no clue what he was talking about since I could barely hear him. It wasn't until after he left that I was able to process what he was saying. He needed change for quarters for the laundry. So I went downstairs to give him change, and Hobie barked the entire time I was gone!

Later in the afternoon, there was an unusual amount of traffic on our street. I witnessed car after car backtracking as they tried finding an outlet. I called the police to find out that there was a fire a few blocks down. Hobie and I went to investigate.

On our way there, a really large dog, perhaps a mastiff, startled the both of us. He was leaving the house with his owner for a walk. Hobie growled then started jumping on me. I think this is a sign when he is scared. Anyway, we continued on and met a family of three with their dog. He was very friendly with the girl dog, only sniffing and no barking. A fluffy white dog came and joined the smelling and they were having a nice time! Hobie is becoming more accustomed to being with other dogs.


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