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Hobie eating food with cone


Hobie has been licking and biting his left leg a little bit, so we decided to put a cone on him. We weren't quite sure how he was going to eat with it on, so we decided to videotape it for your enjoyment.

He's getting a haircut tomorrow, so we'll see if he's still licking then.

Yummy for my tummy


We passed by Barry for Pets when Gladys decided that Hobie needed a treat.

We got him a hide bone, and after some initial hesitation, he seemed quite satisfied with it.

Hobie chews on a hide bone

Lucky dog


Hobie's dog walker has taken him out weekly for almost two months now.

It seems to be going great, and she says he's doing much better. He barks a little more than usual when we get in the door after work, but apart from that he seems to have adjusted well.

Hobie has gotten a lot calmer over the last month or two. He will now even lay down on a lap on the sofa. That was unheard just a few months ago. Now he'll sometimes fall asleep on my lap.

His interest in food keeps picking up, and he is very, very interested when there's sounds coming from the kitchen. He doesn't really beg, at least not like my mom's dog, Rudolf.

Tomorrow, Hobie's going to work again. My company's move keep getting pushed back, which is fine by me.



Hobie doesn't always finish his food in the morning. I think he is a little worried that we are going to bail on him. After all, we did try to sneak out a couple of times while he was eating. It's been a long time since we did that, though, but he's still a little skittish.

Well, this morning I decided to add a couple of pieces of zucchini to his food. There was a couple of small bites from the end, and one bite from the very top of the zucchini. After he got permission to eat he dove straight for the zucchini pieces, and the first one up was the top. He chewed on it, then spit it out to smell it a little bit. Then it went back into his mouth, and back out again. This kept going for a few times, until he finally gave up, and went for a regular piece of zucchini. The regular piece went straight down.

I guess all zucchini parts aren't made equal, not even if you're a dog.

Food or play? It's not even a close call


I figured Hobie would be pretty hungry today after I walked him in the afternoon. His previous meal was in the morning, and we just came back from about 45 minutes of walking and sniffing.

Well, he might have been hungry, but hunger is no match for his new toy. It's a little ball that squeaks. I guess it's our mistake, really. We managed to say "squeak squeak" before he ate. I got him to sit down, and I
told him he could eat (he's not allowed to eat before he gets permission). He had a few bites, and looked back up at me.

And then he started pacing around the apartment, sniffing for his toy. He had no interest in his food whatsoever. Gladys had put away his toy before we came back from the walk too, but he was on a mission.

How did we solve this problem? Well, we could have decided to just leave his food, or take it away if he didn't eat after a few minutes. But the sight of a can of whipped cream in the fridge seemed to cry out for a
friendlier option; put a little bit of whipped cream on top of it.

The food disappeared in a few gulps.


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