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Walk around Töölö Bay


The hotel we are staying in until we find a place is right on Töölö Bay, between Finlandia Hall and the opera house.

Between the two buildings is a nice park, and there is a path all along the lake. It takes us around 40 minutes to walk around.

We've been walking Hobie there, and the park and area is full of life. There's a lot of runners and bicyclists there (at all hours of the day), and lots of little green areas for picnics and relaxing.

Hobie is of course much more interested in sniffing, but we have to make sure he doesn't run into the path of a bicyclist.

Most of the trail around the lake has a division that separates pedestrians from bicyclists.

At the southern end there is a small candy booth and boat rental place. We went by the little beach and shot a picture of Hobie waiting patiently for some newly-bought treats.

We couldn't resist taking Hobie out on the little pier, to see how he would react. It wasn't very sturdy, so he was a little careful, but with the lure of a treat he willingly walked along.


Walk in the woods


It's been relaxing to take Hobie for walks again. Although he hasn't changed much, we do notice that he has gotten older in the past year. He wants to sleep much more, and doesn't mind staying on the sofa for a few hours.

Nonetheless, he is still excited to be outside for a walk. We took him out in Bymarka last week, and he enjoyed sniffing new bushes, and romping around the trails.


He has also taken a liking to drinking from streams. It's actually really convenient - we don't need to bring water for him, we just lead him near a stream, and Hobie goes straight for the cold, fresh water. drinking_in_bymarka.jpg

Smelling new things at Mori Point


This weekend we went to Pacifica. We started at the pier, and walked along the golf course until we got to Mori Point.

There were a lot of dogs along the golf course, almost all of them on leash. Of course, there were a lot of new smells also, and sometimes Hobie just really really wants to smell something.


Hobie is now almost 30 pounds, and he can muster quite a bit of strength considering his size. If he wants to smell something, and he can't reach, he'll use all his power and try to claw in order to get closer to whatever he wants to smell.

It was a nice, cool, and foggy day. The surf was pretty high, and there were only a few surfers along the beach.


There were not a lot of people hiking here, and Hobie was the only dog we saw. There were plenty of dogs along the beach, but none up on the trails themselves.

Hobie hiking at Mori Point

Here we are starting to climb up to the highest point during the hike. It was pretty foggy, so we couldn't see too far when we got to the top, but Hobie seemed quite happy that it wasn't too hot.

Meeting cows on the Bolinas Ridge Trail


We went to the Bolinas Ridge Trail. It's right outside Point Reyes, and one of the few dog-friendly trails up there.

Right on the trail head there was a lot of cows. Hobie has not really been close to cows before, and he wasn't quite sure what to think of them.

Here we're trying to turn around to get Hobie closer to the cows, but Hobie will have none of that nonsense.

Hobie meets cows on the Bolinas Ridge Trail

Once we got past the cows it was a nice hike. The ground was still a little wet, but we walked for about 90 minutes along the trail before we stopped for food.

There was a great view from the top, and it seems that even Hobie enjoyed it. We didn't even have to bribe him with treats to get him to sit still for the picture.

Hobie admires the view from the Bolinas Ridge Trail

We let Hobie off leash for a little bit, and he was trotting along very happily.

Of course, on our way back, we had to walk by the cows again. Wherever there are cows, there are cow pies. And wherever Hobie is, it's sometimes hard to walk in a straight line. I was trying to navigate through the maze of puddles, pies and cows, but Hobie still managed to get two of his paws planted solidly on top of a fresh pie.

Cow pie with dog paw prints

Fortunately, it didn't really stick, and we cleaned him up with paper towels before we drove home to give him a bath.

Curious dog


We took Hobie to Golden Gate Park today. We walked around the Polo Field, and there was another dog walking on a parallel path. Hobie was very curious, and stopped a few times to get a better look at that other dog.


He would walk up between the trees separating the two paths, and just observe, while looking very alert.

I guess he's not a rain dog


I got home early today, and was going to walk Hobie. However, it has now started to rain outside.

As soon as we got down to the lobby of the building, Hobie stopped. I convinced him to walk outside, but he stopped again right outside the door. He would barely walk over to a tree, but he didn't even sniff it. An old lady in a wheelchair passed by us, and commented:

I guess he's not a rain dog

That's very true. Hobie is definitely not a rain dog. I eventually got him to go pee, but he was very quick to go back inside. I think this might be a tough winter for this Miniature Schnauzer.

Walking through Hayes Valley


Chillin by the Golden Gateway, an art installation by Oakland artist Seyed Alavi:


Waiting to cross Ivy St.

Hobie gets even luckier


Hobie's new dog walker has been taking him out for a couple of months now, once a week.

Every time Hobie goes to his playgroup, we get a little Post-It note from the dog walker. It's not very detailed (usually it something like "Hobie had a great time at Fort Funston"), but it's good to know that everything went well.

Since Hobie isn't too social, we asked how he does in playgroup. Apparently, Hobie just kind of stays near the dog walker, sniffing "and having a good time." He doesn't really interact with the other dogs, but he gets along fine with them.

I'm not sure if Hobie realizes he is a dog just like the other dogs. He's very attached to his humans, and prefers playing fetch over sniffing some dog's behind any day of the week.

Hobie does seem a little tired when we get home after he's been to playgroup. We also notice that he's much less needy when we take him out, which is good.

Since we've been working late, we've decided to have Hobie to go playgroup twice a week instead of just once a week. Hopefully this will make Hobie's week go by much faster (and help him work on his social skills).

Pug attack


Hobie and I were on our way back from walking to Alamo Square this morning when we saw a pack of pugs down the street.

One woman had four of them, all running around lose on the sidewalk, and she was talking to another dog owner (who just had one, slightly larger dog). The pugs were mostly doing their own thing, walking around, smelling trees, and just enjoying life.

We walk toward them, and the pug closest to us saw Hobie and started trotting toward us. Hobie has been getting a little skittish when meeting some dogs, so he stopped and waited for the other dog to come. They did a little butt-sniffing dance, and then Hobie walked on.

Now the second pug sees us, and he runs toward Hobie to smell. We get past this obstacle too.

By now I feel like I'm in some game, with the pugs being little bosses that Hobie has to get past. Of course, next up is a third pug and the larger dog. It was a mutt, around Hobie's size, and they sniff him up front and back at the same time. Hobie's not quite sure how excited he is, but he takes it like a real dog.

The fourth pug is hiding behind its owner.

I exchange smiles with the other dog owners, and Hobie is ready to go.

Game over.

Rain? No, thank you


Hobie came to work with me on Friday. Hobie is warming up to my coworkers, and he's getting lots of attention. After a day with lots of fetching, it was time to walk home. It's about a 30-40 minute walk from work to our apartment.

It had started raining, so I hesitantly put on the coat he got for Christmas (from my coworkers). We left the building, and got about 20 steps away from the door when Hobie just stopped. I had my umbrella up, and Hobie didn't want to talk a single step further. I coaxed him with a treat to walk a little longer, but then it was full stop again.

People were walking by, smiling and pointing at the stubborn dog. One of them even told me with a laugh that "I don't want to walk any further."

Hobie is a little scared of my umbrella, so I put it in my bag, but that didn't help either. After about 5 minutes of me scratching my head, not knowing how to get the dog back, we went back into the building (which he was quite happy to do). I called Gladys, who drove that day, and she was going to pick us up. In order to get picked up, we had to walk to the corner of the block, which was a difficult task. I almost had to drag him.

We finally got in the car, and by this time it was pouring pretty well. Since Gladys and I were going out I wanted to give Hobie the chance to answer any calls of nature. I actually had to lift him out of the car to get him to go out, but he was not interested in relieving himself.

He didn't use to dislike rain this much, but now he just stops and refuses to walk in the rain. Probably funny to look at, but not that fun when you're holding the other end of the leash.

New blinking light


Hobie had a red blinking light before. It's very helpful when we're in the park and it's a little dark. Well, that light broke. It probably bounced off something, because it was a little loose.

We got a new one, that is basically two small LEDs that blink green and purple (we got it at B&B Pet Supplies of course). We played in the baseball field tonight, and it was very nice to be able to see him race around.

When we play at dusk, it's sometimes hard for Hobie to see the ball. When he can't find it he gets very excited and runs around the field in some crazy pattern until he finds it. There's no use trying to call him, he's really in the zone.

Dog in da hood


Our neighborhood is full of interesting people. On our way to one of the dog parks, we have to walk by a few public housing buildings. It is not uncommon to see groups of thuggish-looking teens sitting on the stoop with fistfuls of cash in their hands. And when I walk by, I am always very cautious and aware of who is around me.

Apprantly, so are they. They recognize the spinning that is Hobie and they laugh when they see him do his thing. This comforts me a little, knowing that these hard-core kids can still smile at a silly dog. At least they recognize us living in the neighborhood. A few weeks ago, we were passing this group of teens. One of them said, "Yo, that's the dog that busts circles." It made me smile.

A few days ago, an old man stopped to ask why he circles. We see him twice a week in the mornings and this was the first time he stopped to chat. After, he thanked me for talking to him. Hobie is in need of a haircut,
but his furriness adds to his stuffed-animal look, which elicits so many smiles from so many strangers.


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