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Movable Dog

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Hobie has now moved from Wordpress to Movable Type.

Hobie prefers Movable Type, allegedly because of its name.


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It's been three months since Hobie went to the groomer's. Gladys wanted to try a new groomers, so we went to VIP Grooming in Noe Valley.

When Hobie's fur gets long he can get pretty shaggy. This is how he looked late February at a local park.

Sheep dog

Fortunately, he didn't look like that this morning when we took him for his 8 a.m. appointment.

Hobie before

We told the people there that he wasn't very sociable, so they put him in a kennel. There were two or three dogs just walking around there. Hobie got a little worried, so he started barking. He kept barking for several minutes after we left the groomer's, we could hear him a block away.

Anyways, we picked him up, and he looked much better.

Hobie is now groomed!

He was so happy to see us that he could barely stand still. He just kept spinning around and around and around.

About Hobie

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We have had Hobie since February 2005.

He is a slightly neurotic rescue dog that loves to play. Hobie is a large Miniature Schnauzer, and weighs about 27 pounds.

When he gets excited he runs around in a circle. If he gets very excited
the circle gets tighter. When we tell him that we're going for a walk,
he'll run in a circle around the apartment.

He is very cautious, and it takes him a while to warm up to strangers.

Where did Hobie come from?

Hobie was born in Texas in 1999. We first met him after w decided to
foster a dog for a Miniature Schnauzer rescue in Chicago. After a few
months we picked up Hobie, and we were going to take care of him for a
couple of weeks.

A family wanted to adopt him, so we returned Hobie and all his stuff.
However, the adoption didn't work out because Hobie didn't like the dog
the family already had. We were going to move to San Francisco, so we left
Hobie with the rescue society. Time went on, and nobody else had adopted

We decided to check if we could adopt him, despite the long drive out
here. Hobie was so happy when we came to pick him up he could barely sit
still (actually, he just kept running around and licking us). The head of
the rescue society was happy too, and waived the adoption fee when she saw
how happy Hobie was.

From what we know, the previous owner gave up Hobie because his wife got
allergic to him.

Favorite things to do

In order:
  1. Play
  2. Go for walks
  3. Eat
  4. Look at his owners
  5. Get petted


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