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Question of the day

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Overheard at home:

How do white dogs stay so clean when we can't even keep this salt and pepper Schnauzer clean?

Birthday boy

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Hobie turns 7 years old today!

The now middle-aged dog didn't want a big party, and the celebration took place with his, uhm, roommates. That's probably just as well, because the guest of honor still hasn't made very many dog friends. Playing fetch is still much more important than smelling a rear end.

Right now, the guest of honor is very busy devouring a bone.

During the past year, we have noticed that Hobie has gotten tired a little quicker than before, but it still takes a lot before he gets tired.

Hobie has learned two new tricks this year: bark and heel.

During his seventh year, Hobie will try to be nicer to us, and to walk properly for someone his age. Walking sideways because you want to smell another dog's "stuff" is not appropriate for a middle-aged being. On the other hand, it could be that growing up is very overrated. Hobie sure still behaves a lot like a puppy.

Happy Birthday, Hobie!!

New dog walker

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Hobie has a new dog walker.

Hobie's previous dog walker seemed good with Hobie, but not so good with us. We mailed her a month ahead of time that we'd be going on vacation. While we're gone, Gladys' brother who was dog-sitting left Hobie in our apartment for an afternoon. When he gets back, Hobie is gone.

Not surprisingly, he gets a little freaked out. Fortunately, the dog walker returns a couple of hours later, saying she didn't get the message. OK, fine. Spamfilters suck.

Then, the next week, another guy shows up at the door. Apparently, our dog walker is now on vacation, and her subsitute is ready to take Hobie for a walk. I guess she forgot to both tell us that she has a vacation replacement, and to tell him that Hobie is still on vacation.

When we get back, we try to get ahold of her, but she never picks up Hobie on his regular day. We decide that we've had enough, and tell the dog walker company that we'd like a new dog walker.

The new guy seems good. It's a guy, and Hobie seems to get along better with guys than girls, for some reason. It's the same person who took over for our old dog walker when she was on vacation, so he's already seen Hobie.

Hopefully this will last longer than a few months.

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