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Spot the dog

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By the time we get around to booking a grooming appointment, Hobie becomes a furball. This always happens. And his appointment isn't for another three weeks...

Weekend at doggie hotel

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A few weeks ago, we made plans for a weekend get away. r We had always wanted to try out Wags before we left SF, but we didn't get the opportunity. We found Tassu & Tassu, which bills itself as Helsinki's only pet hotel.

We were nervous about his first experience at a pet hotel. Would Hobie get along with the other dogs? Would he get enough breaks to go outside? Would he be stressed out, circling inside his kennel?


Of course, we worried ourselves silly. The service was great. We took advantage of the extra pickup/drop-off service, which was perfect since we don't have a car. The handlers reported that he was very easy to care for. The dogs are segregated according to size, and Hobie spent the weekend with another small female dog. Apparently they got along fine without any trouble. And Hobie was thrilled when he returned Sunday evening. We'll definitely use Tassau & Tassau again!

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