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Now that it has been getting colder, Hobie hasn't been too enthusiastic during his morning walks. After exploring dog park, we usually continue on, but lately, he's been stopping and sitting on the side walk, refusing to budge. Once I tell him that we're heading home instead, he pops up and performs his circle dance. I'm not sure if he's stopping because he's in pain, or if he's cold. I suspect it may be the latter.

So to combat the -1 temperature this morning, I put his coat on. It helped a little, but he was still stubborn and kept wanting to turn around to return home. And to think this is still relatively warm - it's supposed to dip down to -20 during the dead of winter. I'm sure Hobie will be thrilled.

Check out the picture a little closer. Notice there isn't a wagging tail to be seen.

Not thrilled

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Hobie is looking sharp with his new haircut. But less fur equals less warmth, and it was just above freezing today. Thus the explanation for the expression on Hobie's face.

Finally, a haircut

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We can actually see Hobie's eyes once again! But this miniature schnauzer wasn't too thrilled with having his picture taken during his haircut.

Duck hunt

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There's a canal nearby that has an assortment of wildlife, including seagulls, pigeons, swans, and ducks. The first time I stopped to admire and watch these creatures caused Hobie to have a major freakout. He was whining, crying and spinning simultaneously. I figured that either he wanted to a) jump in the water and "play" with the ducks or b) attack the ducks. The closer we approached the water's edge, Hobie was practically strangling himself to get even closer to the ducks.

I thought this would be a one-time occurrence, but I was mistaken. Each subsequent time we approached the canal, the same behavior ensued. It was amusing, and the "quack, quack" sounds I made did caused Hobie even more stress. One evening, he even managed to get his front paws wet as he galloped down the stairs at the water's edge. Had the leash not been taut, I'm sure he would've jumped right in.

But Hobie has managed to calm down quite a bit. Still, he was on high alert as this group of ducks swam by in front of him. It's his version of duck hunting...

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