The sock-bandaged schanuzer

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bum schnazuer paw.jpg

We found a small growth in Hobie's foot and thought it was another fat blob or fox tail. Hobie paid a visit to Dr. Paul and it turns out to be neither. We're gonna watch it for a few more days before we decide to remove it. In the meantime, we fashioned a sock band-aid to prevent Hobie from licking his wound, and he switches to a rain boot when we're out on walks. Of course, this draws the "Aw, what happened to his paw?"

And Hobie's response? Whining, of course, that I'm talking to someone other than him.


Poor mutt...sounds like a real bother. Hopefully it won't be a painful removal.

Sparky was licking and gnawing at his paws a lot before, so we got some disinfectant for it and it was better. But then he developed some kind of winky infection and it blew up like a balloon and turned purple. It was probably because he kept biting and licking it. Well, we got some medicine for it and he seems better now...

Sick dogs are sad!

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