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Hobie vs the snowball

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Leg warmers

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We finally received some decent snow last night, and Hobie couldn't have been more thrilled. He kept rolling around in the snow, trying desperately to remove the snow from his eyes. As you can see, it was futile.

Happy schnauzers come from California

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I was going through some old photos of Hobie. This was taken two summers ago atop Alta Plaza Park. The three of us are definitely missing the California sunshine. We miss you, San Francisco.

This miniature schnauzer's personality

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We've learned a few quirky things about Hobie:

  1. When it's time to go home, he prefers to backtrack the way we came, instead of trying a new path home.

  2. Lots of attention, combined with fetching a football or frisbee, makes for a more loving Hobie. He definitely becomes more cuddly and tolerable of us petting him. Strangely enough, Hobie's a dog that does not like to be petted.

  3. He understands the words grumpy and growling. When we talk to him and mention either of these two words, he starts growling. He's such a grumpy old little schnauzer.

  4. He likes to lick the towel when washing his dirty beard.

Happy New Year!

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Hobie's looking ahead to another year filled with lots of play and good health.

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