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Hobie's new girlfriend

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It was love, er, bark at first sight. We went to visit my friend Kat and her new dog, Bella. She spotted us from her perch at the window and Hobie greeted her with a round of woofs at her door. Bella followed Hobie around the house, got close enough to sniff, but she knew better than to engage him in play. Hobie in turn growled at her and stole her football. They tolerated each other but preferred their people instead.

When it was time for us to leave for dinner, they whined and barked together. And when we returned home, we found them both asleep on the couch, though at opposite ends. And when it was time to say goodbye, they somehow ended up laying next to each other and we snapped away with the photos. That's Tokai in the middle, keeping an eye on Hobie and Bella. Not pictured is Milo, aka Jaba the Hut, who is the biggest cat I have ever seen - almost weighs as much as Hobie!

Introducing Philip

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This little guy is Hobie's new cousin! Philip is the new schnauzer puppy that belongs to Kris' sister. He's three months old and weighs a hefty 4kg. He's super sweet but super difficult to walk with on a leash. He stops frequently and Hobie tries to pull him along.

Hobie isn't a fan of Philip's boundless energy and Hobie quickly established that he's top dog around here with a few snarls. Philip learned pretty fast to not try and play with Hobie's beard. Though he complains, I think Hobie will miss him when we go back to Helsinki.

Pug recall

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'07 pugs are being recalled in an unprecedented move by breeders.

In other news, '99 Miniature Schnauzers are still OK, but we'll keep checking the Onion for any updates.

Hobie meets friends at Mountain Lake

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We took Hobie to Mountain Lake, and we brought his squeaky football.

The ball immediately drew the attention of another dog that was there (the middle one in the first picture). At first the owner seemed a little hesitant, but we told him it was fine that he was interested in the ball.

For a few minutes I would throw the ball, and they would both run as fast as they could to get it. Most of the time Hobie would win the mad dashes.

Hobie and two friends running in a row at Mountain Lake

Another dog also came along. This dog was mostly interested in sniffing the other dogs, though, and just run along because it seemed like something fun to do. Hobie behaved very well, and didn't growl at all at them. He just circled around, and tried to make his way back to us with his ball.

Hobie running side by side two friends at Mountain Lake

Unfortunately, this was one of the last times Hobie got to play with his football. Only a few days later we took him to a bonfire at Ocean Beach. The group we were with took turns throwing his ball, but as we were leaving we couldn't find the ball. Hobie was more than willing to roam around looking for it, but to no avail.

Have purse dog, need name

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There's a good number of purse dogs in our neighborhood. The other day I took Hobie down to the play area in the courtyard of the apartment complex. We saw a little Chihuahua who wanted to smell Hobie. Hobie froze up a little bit, and then hesitantly engaged in a little butt-sniffing.

I asked the guy what his dog's name was.


I paused for a second. "From the brand?"


The guy then went on to say something about his girlfriend, but I didn't pay attention. The thought of a small dog being named after Louis Vuitton purses was just too funny.

Hobie and friends

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From the dog walker:

Hobie is doing really great. He's starting to chase other dogs.

It looks like Hobie's social skills are getting better! He has had a couple of rough days up at Alamo Square. Today he had a little bark-out with another dog (I couldn't tell who started), and yesterday he started barking at a whippet we met while walking in the evening. Sometimes when we meet other dogs Hobie will just stop, and wait for the other dog to approach him. He seems a little tense, and only smells the other dog after the dog has smelled him.

However, several times now he's been excited to meet other dogs, and his little tail wags while running up to smell some dog butt.

We got these pictures from the dog walker. It looks like they are taken from a sunny day at Fort Funston. Hobie's playgroup friends look pretty big!

See all that sand in his beard? That sand ends up in our apartment.


New friends

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On our way to Pug Sunday, Hobie made new friends wit Lou and Tinkerbell.

Hobie meets Tinkerbell

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