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Snack time

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Munching on grass. Yum!

Playing molkky

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One of the things we brought from Finland was Mölkky, a throwing game.

It's kind of like lawn bowling, and since there is throwing involved, Hobie is of course very interested.

We went to the Whisman School Park in Mountain View after a walk, and set up. I hoped Hobie was tired after walking for an hour, but once the game was set up and things were flying in the air all thoughts of tiredness were forgotten.

Although Hobie sits still in the picture, he spent the entire time running around the game. Although he didn't interfere with the game, I think he (not so) secretly hoped this would turn into a game for him.


The Whisman School Park is a good neighborhood park for dogs as they are allowed off leash in one corner. Officially it is only for off-leash training, but it looks like the local dogs are usually having a good time playing. One of the regulars told us to be on the lookout for park rangers and just leash Hobie should we see one.

Hobie's new girlfriend

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It was love, er, bark at first sight. We went to visit my friend Kat and her new dog, Bella. She spotted us from her perch at the window and Hobie greeted her with a round of woofs at her door. Bella followed Hobie around the house, got close enough to sniff, but she knew better than to engage him in play. Hobie in turn growled at her and stole her football. They tolerated each other but preferred their people instead.

When it was time for us to leave for dinner, they whined and barked together. And when we returned home, we found them both asleep on the couch, though at opposite ends. And when it was time to say goodbye, they somehow ended up laying next to each other and we snapped away with the photos. That's Tokai in the middle, keeping an eye on Hobie and Bella. Not pictured is Milo, aka Jaba the Hut, who is the biggest cat I have ever seen - almost weighs as much as Hobie!

The left coast schanuzer

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half moon bay miniature schauzer.jpg

Ah, back on the beach again in Half Moon Bay. Life is good.

How to clean with a miniature schnauzer

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Hobie does not approve of Kris' floor cleaning methods

A typical day in the park

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Hobie now knows the area around the local dog parks, and he starts pulling his leash when we get close, hoping to play some fetch.

The three of us went to the Lapinlahti dog park near Ruoholahti (see map below). This park is a lot cleaner than the dog park in Ruoholahti . Unfortunately, a lot of people in Ruoholahti don't pick up after their dogs, making it hazardous to play in the dog park.

But, back to the Lapinlahti dog park. When we arrive, Hobie will typically sit down and wonder if something is going to come out of our pockets.

Since it is not really allowed to play fetch in the dog parks we only do this when there are no other dogs around. On this day, Hobie was in luck: his red football suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

Throw it, throw it!

Gotta catch the ball!

Then Hobie will run and fetch the ball.

Again, again!

Although Hobie is nearing the big 1-0, he is still able to keep going for a long time. Most of the time we get cold from standing in the park before he gets too tired to continue.

Hobie vs the snowball

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