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The maintenance guys had to stop by again, because the toilet they installed was leaking. When Hobie heard the knock on the door, he went nuts and was barking his head off.

I opened the door, told the guy to wait a minute, and said "NO" to Hobie. He quieted down, and I told him to go to bed, and he went away. He kept on growling. The guy didn't seem to scared, and I got Hobie to be quiet , so it went OK.

Hobie kept near me while the toilet was being replaced, and seemed very happy when the "visitor" had left.

Maintenance guys vs. Hobie

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Our toilet was replaced today and our leaky roof patched, which required several maintenance guys moving about the apartment. This proved too stressful for Hobie and he went into super barky mode.

The poor maintenance guys were frightened and they were even hesistant coming inside as he ran laps around the kitchen, howling the entire time. And banishing Hobie to the bedroom didn't help. I let him out and tried distracting him with his toys but it was futile. He growled everytime the maintenance guys moved toward him. The commotion of the day has caught up with the crazy doggie.

He's already in bed, snoring.

Screamer heaven!

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Hobie came to work today, but out of consideration for my coworkers I didn't give him any of the yellow screamers.

He paced around looking for them after I hid them all, and he got pretty excited when he finally figured out where they were.

Screamer heaven

Working dog

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Hobie came with me to work today.

He must recognize the area around the building I work in, because when we were about half a block away he started to get excited and spin in circles. One woman got a little worried because it looked like he was walking right at her. When we got to the building door he was pulling fairly hard to get in.

He even whined a little bit in the elevator.

I take his collar off when we're at work, because it jingles (he has two metal tags, one for his license, and one with his name and phone number). I fed him and got him water, but he started pacing around the office.

Turns out he was looking for a toy we have there - a yellow screaming thingy. It's a yellow thing that makes an annoying screaming thing if you throw it. By the end of the day he had collected three of those.

My co-worker brought her dogs also, a whippet and a greyhound.

Hobie got so much play-time. A few of my co-workers enjoy playing with him, and get very happy if he brings the toy back to them instead of me (which is usually what happens). One of my female co-workers desperately wants to pet Hobie, but whenever she gets close he kind of freezes and isn't really sure what's going on. That's usually followed by a little growl.

Overall. though, I think Hobie had a great time. He did seem a little tired walking home, but by the time we got home (and he got fed) he's back to his usual hyperactive self.

Yet another toy

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We stopped by Pawtrero on our way back from the groomer's. It's a pet store and "bathhouse" in Potrero Hill. It's pretty cool - your dog can run around in there, and the people were friendly.

We were mostly looking for a new collar for Hobie (Gladys wants a Planet Dog collar). We didn't find that, but we did pick up a new toy for Hobie. It's called an IQube,
and it's basically a cube you can put soft balls that squeak in. Hobie enjoys it a lot, except that it only took him a few hours to destroy one of the four balls that came with it.

(Turns out a store nearby us, Puppycat has the collars, but not in the color Gladys wants).

Hobie with his IQube

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