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Hobie is becoming more comfortable in his surroundings and with us. He spent most of yesterday napping with a blanket on the futon, soaking in the warm morning light.

A neighbor knocked on the door, and as expected, he went bezerk. My neighbor asked something about quarters, to which I responded no, but I honestly had no clue what he was talking about since I could barely hear him. It wasn't until after he left that I was able to process what he was saying. He needed change for quarters for the laundry. So I went downstairs to give him change, and Hobie barked the entire time I was gone!

Later in the afternoon, there was an unusual amount of traffic on our street. I witnessed car after car backtracking as they tried finding an outlet. I called the police to find out that there was a fire a few blocks down. Hobie and I went to investigate.

On our way there, a really large dog, perhaps a mastiff, startled the both of us. He was leaving the house with his owner for a walk. Hobie growled then started jumping on me. I think this is a sign when he is scared. Anyway, we continued on and met a family of three with their dog. He was very friendly with the girl dog, only sniffing and no barking. A fluffy white dog came and joined the smelling and they were having a nice time! Hobie is becoming more accustomed to being with other dogs.


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Hobie was groomed today. As he was getting out of the car, he somehow got pass me and ran around the parking lot! I must have looked so silly chasing after him, but we were near a busy street and I was afraid he was going to run out there. It was like chasing a chicken around, but I caught him without incident.

He looks like a brand new dog. I probably would not have recognized him at the groomer without his red collar on. His coat is beautiful but now he looks skinny. I like his messy, longer coat instead. It makes him look more husky.We went for a walk on the lakefront. I was not sure how he would react to the sand, but he did not have any troubles. We also went for a walk around NU to wait for Kris, but he ended up working late, and Hobie and I ended up with an hour and forty minutes walk! Suffice to say, we are both tired.

Hobie loves dried bread as a treat, and Kris has been teaching him, "Vaersegod," which is Norwegian for
"You may." We are trying to get Hobie to look at us before eating his treat, thus teaching him patience and waiting for his master for the OK. We are trying to teach him to lay down as well.

To the kids at YEP, Hobie says hi!

Beach dog

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Hobie at the beach.

Post grooming

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Who's the dog?

Pre grooming

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Hobie and the orange ball.


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Meet Hobie, the miniature schnauzer we are fostering. He's five-and-a-half with the energy of a puppy. He loves to play fetch and he can play keep-away as well. Ask Kris how strong Hobie's jaws are.

He gets uber excited before we go for a walk. When he hears the closet door opening, the spinning begins. He does not know what settle down means. He will jump and spin while we attach his leash. It is
hilarious to see. We practically fly down the stairs when we leave the apartment.

Hobie is a great investigator, but he's still skittish when meeting bigger dogs. We met our first big dog yeterday, which caused him to bark and lunge at the other dog. As the other owner and I chatted, Hobie reached up to my leg, looking at me as if he was saying, "Ok, I've said hello, I'm bored. Can we go now?"He also whimpers when he sees a large group of girls, as we encoutered last night.

But he also protective. He growled at a man taking out the trash last night. I scolded the dog,
and the man said I should not do that, since the dog was protecting me. I just don't want him growling at every person we see while on an evening stroll.

He's becoming more comfortable being left alone. I was able to do several loads of laundry without hearing him bark. I find myself talking to him as if he were a real person, telling him to be good, that I will
return. And he looks at me as if he understands. Hobie is a cool dog. He follows us around the apartment. He waits patiently when I'm in the bathroom. He joins me in the kitchen when I make breakfast. And he sprawls on the rug while I read the paper. Hehe.

My mom and brother tell me it is training for a kid. Not quite, but almost. At least a dog stays little. And they don't cry.We've had him for five days and Hobie is a sweetie. It will be tough to let him go once an adoptive home is found for him, but it is great that our first foster dog is so neat.

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